Government Contractor Support for Financial Management & Accounting Systems


Do you need government contractor support for financial management? We have many years of experience working with government contractors and as a government contractor.  We can help you before you get into a jam with a government contract or we can help you get out of a situation concerning a contract.

Indirect rates

Do you understand your indirect rates?  Do they accurately reflect your business?  Have you excluded all unallowable costs? We can help you with the following and more:

Provisional rate establishment – We help you analyze your business and ask the questions about the future so that you can submit accurate provisional rates so that your billings are accurate and your proposals reflect the most accurate costs.  We can even help you monitor the actual rates on a monthly or quarterly basis to be ‘ahead’ of the 8 ball instead of behind the 8 ball.

Indirect rate establishment – We help you recover all of your costs in the most advantageous manner.  We can help you analyze your costs so that they are structured in such a manner that you are able to recover your costs when billing your customers.

Indirect rate submission – If you have any cost-type contracts, the Federal Government requires an annual indirect rate submission. We help you report your cost type contracts timely.

Contract Support

Contract price proposal support – We can help you develop your price proposal for your next contract proposal and help you win that award!  Then when the contract is complete and you need to submit those final invoices, we have many years of experience in that area as well.

Accounting Systems

Accounting System Establishment – We can help you establish your accounting system, we are experts regarding QuickBooks, Procas, and Costpoint.

Audit Support

Audit support – Is DCAA coming to visit you?  Do you need audit support when DCAA comes to audit?  Contact us.

Business System Rules

Do you have questions about the new Business System Rules and how they will impact your business? Contact us.

Policy and Procedures

Do you have written policies and procedures established?  Having Policies and Procedures written and in force makes audits go much better because you have established a framework for your business to operate within.  If you have questions about Policies and Procedures.

We are available to help you with your government contractor financial management issues. Contact us to learn more.

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