Federal, State, Local Tax Preparation

Yes! We do Federal, State and Local Tax Preparation!

We can help prepare you with federal, state and local tax preparation to help meet all of your needs!

C-Corporate, S-Corporation, Partnership and Limited Liability Companytax returns

We prepare year end and quarterly taxes for Corporations, S-Corps, Partnerships, LLC’s and sole proprietors as well. But more importantly we know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of corporate structure. Contact us before you create your incorporated entity, although we are not attorneys, we can give you advice as to the advantages and disadvantages of each entity.

Individual Income Taxes
Federal and State

We complete Federal and state income tax returns for individuals. From very simple returns including very complicated 1040 returns.  If you feel better completing your own tax return and would like for a professional to review your tax return to ensure that you did not miss anything please contact us. We would be happy to review your tax return. 

Nanny Taxes

Nanny Taxes, contact us and we will help make sure that you do not get bit by the Nanny Tax bug.

Estimated Taxes

Quarterly Estimated tax payments we can help both retired persons and small business people with ensuring that you file the right amount of tax on a timely basis and avoid penalties at year end.

Business Taxes
We complete payroll tax returns, Federal unemployment tax returns, and state unemployment tax returns.

We can file your BPOL (Business, Professional, and Occupational Licenses) as well.

If you have questions about federal, state or local taxes of any sort, contact us and we can help you.

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