Our journey started in 1996 when I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from St. Leo College.  I was enthused about being an accountant.  My first job was as a payroll clerk, maintaining a weekly payroll for 100 fuel oil and gas company employees.  With no time for errors or mistakes, I learned quickly attention to detail meant everything, especially to a driver who relied upon his paycheck to be accurate and timely to feed his family.  My next job in accounting was with a CPA in Virginia Beach, where I learned the basics of being a staff accountant and learned that I needed to pass the CPA exam to move further in the Accounting world. I spent every Friday that summer in the public library studying for the CPA exam, not realizing exactly how difficult the CPA exam was; I failed the first attempt miserably.  I moved to a local CPA firm where I learned the ins and outs of being a staff accountant and spent many hours studying for the exam.  I passed all four parts of the CPA exam in November 2000. I proceeded to advance to a manager position when I decided to support a client as the Accounting Manager for a government contractor.  I spent about five years with them when the new owners decided to move the accounting functions to Northern Virginia, closing the efforts in Norfolk, VA. I worked for another government contractor and then as a government contract consultant for a mid-sized CPA firm., working all over the United States for small, medium, and large government contractors. In 2014, I decided to go out independently and provide accounting services in the Williamsburg, VA, area.  I have specialized in supporting small businesses and individual taxpayers, preparing the Federal and State income tax returns.