Forms of Accounting Systems


Do you have an accounting system in a box, bag or a pile?

If your accounting system is in a box, a bag or just in a pile of receipts, we can help turn that pile of stuff into a functioning accounting system. We can use any one of several available accounting programs to create your accounting system.

Why is an accounting system important you ask? If you need to borrow money from a bank, standard financial reports are needed to show the banker the strength of your business. By having an accounting system in place, you can show the banker your last week’s revenue, last months revenue, and even last year’s revenue as well as the related expenses to show your business is making a profit and would be able to repay the loan you are asking to obtain.

We can create your accounting system and then help manage it long-term or just help you get an accounting system up and running and then provide a periodic review of the transactions that you have entered in your accounting system.


Accounting in the cloud. Do you have an accounting system or method of tracking your cash flow? Did you ever want to know right now if that deposit is in your bank?  Did you want a fast and easy way to review your financial status on the go?  Then XERO is for you.  Both you and I can see your data in the cloud and if there need to be adjustments we can discuss it and make them real-time.  Bank reconciliations are a breeze with XERO, accounting made easy the way it should be. 


Do you need to keep track of the time your employees work?  Do you need to create a DCAA compliant timekeeping system?  TSheets is the foundation of creating a timekeeping system that is both time saving and DCAA compliant.  Do you know that on average employees ‘fat finger’ time entry by 15 minutes per day? TSheets can help solve that problem.  TSheets is available on the web, on mobile devices, both iPhone and Android, And QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online and can help determine where your outside employees are working.  


Are you a construction contractor that has outgrown QuickBooks?  Or have you gotten so many jobs you are having difficulty keeping the costs separate for each job?  Then ComputerEase is the product for you.  ComputerEase was designed for Contractors by a contractor, so things that you think should be there, is there and easy to use.

QuickBooks Support

We can provide you with QuickBooks support from us taking your information and entering it into QuickBooks for you providing you with monthly financial records, to providing a periodic overview to make sure that your books are ready for income tax time.

Payroll, we can provide from complete payroll services where you provide us with employee’s names and hours worked and we can provide your employees with a complete payroll, either by check or by direct deposit.  To as little as W-2’s and 1099’s at the end of the year.

QuickBooks Training

We can provide QuickBooks training one-on-one or in a classroom with multiple students.

QuickBooks Online Proadvisor Qualified

We are qualified as a QuickBooks Proadvisor Qualified using QuickBooks Online.  We are currently working on the qualifications for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Point of Sale.

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